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Hosting & back-ups

Our hosting solutions

XEFI protects your data

Protecting your company’s data plays a key role in ensuring the long-term success of your business. Our hosting solutions are based in our data centres where cutting-edge technology ensures the highest level of data security and availability.

All our hosting solutions systematically include the power supply, green IT cooling and bandwidth for turnkey services.

Our strengths:
  •  Your data is stored in our data centers in France which are supervised 24/7/365.
  •  Our network availability SLA, recovery time guarantee, redundant power supply and infrastructure monitored by our engineers ensure that   your data is constantly accessible.
  • Your data is protected, encrypted and stored in a dedicated space with the highest level of certifications: Tier III Design and Facility, HADS, ISO 27001, ISO 14001.



Host your data with total peace of mind 


Your physical servers are hosted in our datacenters and managed, secured and backed up on a daily basis.



Our latest-generation HPE servers are reliable and efficient. They host your data in our datacenters and are managed, secured and backed up on a daily basis.


You no longer need your physical server, everything is virtual and hosted in our datacenters, and managed, secured and backed up on a daily basis by our teams of experts. Straightforward and flexible! Increase performance in 3 areas: memory, storage and processor.

XEFI hebergement

Rack rental

A white space dedicated to your infrastructure with guaranteed 99.98% availability. Your servers are housed in a whole or 1/2 rack.

E-mail hosting

Your professional collaborative e-mail managed by XEFI.
Access your e-mail anywhere at any time with the XEFI messaging platform which makes it easy to manage your e-mail, calendar and address book.
The messaging platform includes e-mail and tools for planning and customised messaging service and collaboration applications.

Website hosting

Hosting your website on a server managed by XEFI provides you with a scalable solution (extended storage capacity or SQL database) backed by our data center availability, security and daily back-up guarantees.

Our back-upsolutions

Whatever the size of your company, back-up is not optional !
The XEFI outsourced back-up solution can back up, replicate and restore your data and system in our highly secure data centers, thus meeting GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) security requirements.
Back-up management is taken out of your hands as our teams supervise and monitor back-ups every day. Quick partial or total restore with 7 to 30-day retention options.

Remote server back-up

Effective in physical, virtual and Cloud Computing environments alike.


Remote workstation back-up

XEFI backs up your desktop and laptop computers in an encrypted way for added security.


Disaster recovery

In the event of a critical IT incident, our DRP solution enables you to quickly resume activity on virtual servers.


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