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Maintenance & managed services

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Managed services with XEFI

The slightest problem in your IT equipment can significantly affect your business. That is why we offer maintenance solutions in line with your actual needs and your budget.

We will come out to your site within 4 to 36 working hours depending on the severity of the situation. After our visit, you will receive a detailed report of the work performed.
Our strengths:
  •  Branches and maintenance workshops in your area.
  •  Highly qualified and certified technical teams.
  •  We work rapidly and effectively thanks to our monitoring and remote access solutions.
  •  An all-inclusive cost: parts, labour and unlimited call-outs.
  •  Equipment loan if the fault cannot be rapidly fixed.

Continuous improvement of your IT resources

Our maintenance services include:

  • Checking the condition of desktop and laptop computers, tablets, physical and virtual servers, routers, etc.
  • Checking the operation of system and application software, antivirus protection and your network performance.
  • Operating system updates.
  • Advice and support for your users.

Our proactive services

Anticipating incidents to optimise your productivity and infrastructure availability.

  • Remotely monitoring your servers to prevent faults and saturation.
  • Preventive visits broken down into half-days with a dedicated consultant or technician.
  • Advice and recommendations for upgrading your equipment.
  • On-line incident tracking via your client space.Anticiper les incidents permet d’optimiser votre productivité et la disponibilité de votre infrastructure.


XEFI servicesfor everyday peace of mind

Telephone support

The XEFI technician offers advice and tells you how to solve your problems. Keep your employees’ computers operational at all times.


Remote maintenance

A XEFI specialist remotely accesses your faulty computer to assess and potentially fix it.



If necessary, the technician goes out to the site. This is scheduled according to your requirements.


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