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Our jobs


Welcome to the XEFI sales teams !

Sales roles are key at XEFI, strongly business oriented with an impeccable service culture.

On a daily basis, you are in constant contact with our customers and our prospects.

You will benefit from the support of the tools and actions of our marketing support function, you will be responsible for presenting the XEFI group’s products and services offers.

Analysing the needs and requests of your customers is essential, from which you will draw up quotes accordingly.

You will negotiate the terms of the sales contract with the client. Speed is your key word, as is negotiating the terms of sales contracts.

You will build loyalty and develop relations with each client. The main qualities to succeed in terms of your personality are:

  • Your dynamism
  • diligence
  • autonomy
  • communication and listening skills
  • sense of service
  • interpersonal skills.

Join the technical teams !

Integrating into the technical teams of the XEFI group

On a daily basis, you will be assisted by a support team, you will participate in the maintenance of our customers’ networks and in the implementation of their IT projects.

You will work on the client’s premises site and take charge of:

updating their computer network

  • The configuration of PC terminals
  • Management of applications
  • Security and tracking IT problems
  • Administration of their system

You will provide a technical service and an advice function, while guaranteeing the loyalty of our customers thanks to your commitment.

Your skills will lie in listening, a sense of service, analytical skills and the rigor of your interventions.

The Software pole

The Software team at XEFI

Develop and progress in a flexible environment, within a team that adores technical projects, and invests in the technologies of tomorrow.

You will analyse the needs of clients, optimise the integration of the best CRM and management software packages whilst working in a team that respects good coding practice.
You will test and validate the developed functions, manage client training, undertake software migrations and upgrade of software packages.

Developers, you should have an excellent understanding of: C # / .NET MVC, Angular, Xamarin, SAGE, SQL Server…
Software consultants, you should be able to master EBP and Microsoft software tools,

Your personal skills include : listening, autonomy, reactivity skills, sense of service and team working skills.

Support functions

Support functions at XEFI

Join the support teams of the XEFI group and team up with your sales associates and technicians in the field.

As experts in their fields, the support functions are at the service of the various trades, support operational staff in their daily lives and support the company in its development.

Our jobs :

  • Human ressources
  • Marketing and communication
  • Legal and administrative
  • Project management