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Our turnkey solutions for companies

Our turnkey solutionsfor companies

Sale of IT equipment

Installation, configuration and sale of IT equipment: desktop and laptop computers, servers and printers from manufacturers who are recognised for their high-quality products.

Maintenance & managed services

Maintenance and monitoring of IT resources for immediate troubleshooting: telephone support from 8:30am to 10pm and all parts, labour and call-outs are included.

Internet & security

High-security, high-speed connection solutions and company IT network protection. Guaranteed reliable and efficient connections for exchanging and transferring data.

Software solutions

Business management software and applications to optimise team productivity and collaboration.

Print solutions

All-inclusive printing: multi-function printer or copier, supply of consumables, equipment maintenance and monitoring.

Hosting and back-up

Cloud solutions hosted in our own data centres in France to guarantee high data availability and security.



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