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XEFI’s office solutions

Turnkey printing

XEFI’s print solutions are simple turnkey solutions which are calibrated according to your needs.

Print by XEFI consists of a copier or printer, unlimited copies and maintenance with parts, labour and call-outs included.
Our teams’ professionalism and in-depth knowledge of printing equipment enable them to advise you on the solutions best suited to your needs and help you to deploy them.

Our special partnership with manufacturers HP and CANON guarantees that our technical teams are certified to the highest level, enabling them to offer excellent service and tailored advice.


The benefits of our services 

Equipment deployment

Planning the deployment, preparation and testing of your equipment in the workshop, followed by delivery and installation on site.

User training

Our technicians train and help a designated employee to use the equipment and document management applications.

Monitoring and follow-up

Proactive consumables delivery and replacement of worn parts. Budget management through printer counter monitoring.

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