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Software solutions

Our software solutions for all businesses

Software solutions

Developing your business requires a full range of sharing, analysis, customer management and internal management tools.

Our goal : to guarantee you excellent profitability !

That is why we have selected and can integrate the best software solutions on the market.

The XEFI group also develops its own software.


Our Microsoft® solutions


The CRM solution you need to improve your customer relationship management.
It is fully configurable so can adapt to your business, your needs and your sector of activity.

  • Prospecting, sales and after-sales service

Centralise, monitor and share all client, prospect and supplier information.
Define the customer loyalty strategy and acquire new clients.
Manage prospecting and sales meetings.
Simplify contract management.
Optimise your after-sales service.

  • Marketing

Launch relevant marketing campaigns targeting and further segmenting your potential clients.
Improve the return on investment of your campaigns and increase your sales.

  • Strategic management

Control and anticipate your turnover.
Customised dashboards according to the roles of the users in the organisation.

MICROSOFT® Office 365

XEFI offers the full range of Office tools (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access) thanks to our subscription to Microsoft® Office 365.
Securely create, view and edit your documents.

  • Productivity

Improve teamwork and boost productivity with this intuitive software.

  • On the move

Install Office 365 on all your devices (up to 5 peripherals) and access your documents wherever you are (on- and off-line).

  • Services managed by XEFI

Daily e-mail back-up, unlimited dedicated updates and telephone support are managed by our XEFI teams and the Microsoft® Exchange solution is hosted in our secure, certified data centres.


Integrating SharePoint into your organisation enables your employees to work on and off your site, simultaneously and at all times.
It makes it easier for them to share their documents for optimised collaborative working.

  • Centralisation

Centralise your documents on a single platform and share your contacts and calendars with your employees and service providers.

  • Collaboration

Optimise collaboration among your teams with personalised workspaces, cross-functional access to documents and a shared calendar.

  • Accessibility

Access your information wherever you are and make it easier for your employees to work on the move thanks to its multi-peripheral access and off-line option.

Our solutions EBP®

EBP® Sales Management

Manage sales management and purchasing operations.

EBP® Accounting

Agile management of your company’s accounting operations.

EBP® Payroll

Automate payroll management and personnel management.

EBP® Building

Optimise your company and construction site management: from preliminary studies through to billing.

EBP® Point of sale

A complete solution to manage incoming payments, stock and activity monitoring.

Applications developedby XEFI

Job sheet

Digitise your delivery processes and technician call-outs (delivery, installation, monitoring, etc…)



This tool will help your sales force to organise and plan meetings, improving sales performance and boosting your sales.


Visitor sign-in

Opt for a fully digital tool to rapidly and efficiently welcome guests to your events and automate reporting.


XEFI APPS gives you access to our business applications.
It is easier to manage your business using our intuitive and efficient applications from our web application portal and/or from your smartphone or tablet.

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