XEFI - Provider for VSE/SMEs, ETIs and public administrations

XEFI Franchise

XEFI Franchise

The IT partner for small and medium-sized businesses

Since it was created in 1997, XEFI group has built its success on a specific business model with five key pillars:

  • commercial performance
  • high-quality technical production
  • smooth administrative processes
  • effective marketing
  • employees

Our highly capable team of people ensure that commitments are met every day.
The XEFI franchise puts you firmly on the path to a winning model which has proven itself for over 20 years, helping you and your clients to succeed.

Come and meet us to explore how we can work together to create a valuable synergy among innovative, successful entrepreneurs.

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A winning model that really makes a differenceWe can help you to achieve

  • +1M€ Turnover
  • 35% Repeat business
  • +15% Annual profitability

The XEFI franchise network

Our network of local branches was set up in 2015 and by the beginning of 2020 there were over 100 branches in France and abroad.

Each branch is organized in the same way:

– A local customer service team
– Customer service-focussed contracts: clear commitments and pricing
– A target market of small and medium-sized businesses in the catchment area

XEFI group

Day-to-day support

A team which is dedicated to your success

As a XEFI franchisee, you can count on day-to-day support from a dedicated team who are always available. You will receive regular visits to your branch and regional and national meetings are held frequently.

With the support of the various departments at our head office (HR, Training, Marketing, Communication, etc.), tools and methods are constantly being created and optimised to ensure the success of your branch.


Monitoring, maintenance and back office.


On-site support, sales management and help with running the branch.


Pooled purchasing and quotation negotiation.


Group’s image and recognition on a local and national level.


High value-added catalogue of services and packaged offering.