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XEFI Health and Fitness

The XEFI Health & Fitness programme

Benevolence towards ourself and others

Since 2012, this health and fitness program has been implemented within the company.
Open to all employees, it aims to prevent and limit sedentary work and work-related disorders.
Our ambition : to encourage employees to take care of themselves!
Supervised by Valérie MEJARD, XEFI Group’s Health and Fitness Manager, it allows everyone to train in a gym close to their workplace or directly in their workplace, several times a week, in the presence of a coach.
Numerous awareness and prevention actions are proposed: 
  •  to prevent the harmful effects of sitting posture.
  • to apply the basic rules of good food hygiene.
  • to adopt daily nutrition and hydration reflexes.
  • to understand the effects of salt and caffeine on the body.
  • to anticipate the effects of a sedentary work environment.
Several group events are accessible to both regular and occasional athletes. By encouraging all employees to take care of themselves and their relatives, the XEFI Health & Fitness programme expresses a fundamental culture for XEFI that combines results and well-being and carries values of discipline, commitment, cohesion and compassion.